Referral & Screening Process

PSCA ABA Therapy Steps to Enrollment

Step 1

Clinical Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder ABA Therapy must be documented and recommended by the member’s physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or licensed psychologist.

Step 2

Complete a Client Interest/Referral form.

Step 3

PSCA staff with respond within 10 business days.

Step 4

Based on the Referral form and Availability, client may be invited for an additional screening and an in-person family interview.

Step 5

If a client is deemed to be a good fit by parent and PSCA staff, parent will be required to complete client intake documentation as well as a number of indirect assessments. (**Please note. If these documents are not returned within 10 days, PSCA reserves the right to release the client’s spot in our program and place them on our waiting list. Completion of ALL the required documentation is a vital part and the first part of the clinical process). 

Parent must complete all appropriate enrollment paperwork required by VDOE childcare dept. This includes a recent physical exam, proof of identification, and immunization records.

Step 6

Parent Orientation

Step 7

Direct Assessments (4 hours total)

Step 8

Client is given a schedule and a start date.

Enrollment Criteria

Symptoms exhibited within last 30 days:

  • Confirmed Diagnosis of ASD
  • The member’s disorder and level of impairment cannot effectively be provided by a lower lever of care
  • Behavioral Therapy is expected to increase appropriate social-communicative interactions and pivotal responses within a social framework and increase adaptive functioning
  • Family and caregivers lack the skills needed to effectively manage the member’s behaviors in the home environment and is training is necessary to educate the family and caregivers concerning the individual’s disorder and to teach effective behavioral management techniques

-At least one family member or caregiver is able to participate in services to learn behavioral techniques to manage behaviors in the home and to reinforce skill acquisition and progress

Must meet at least two of the following five indicators:

  1. Non-verbal or limited functional communication and pragmatic language, unintelligible or echolalia speech, impairment in receptive and/or expressive language?
  2. Severe impairment in social interaction/social/reasoning/social reciprocity/and interpersonal relatedness?
  3. Frequent/intense behavioral outbursts and tantrums (self-injurious behavior such as Head butting, biting, or scratching, and aggression towards other such as kicks, bites, scratches, or hits)?
  4. Disruptive behaviors such as obsessive, repetitive, or ritualized behaviors?
  5. Difficulty with sensory integration?


Meet your new therapist and begin receiving services shortly thereafter.

Contact your child's doctor (Psychiatrist or Pediatrician) for a referral.

Call us to set up an assessment or to recieve more info.