Special Note

Since 2016, Positive Support for Children with Autism (PSCA) has been a leading provider of Applied Behavioral Analytical Services within the Greater Hampton Roads Community. PSCA was established out of necessity, for years serving as one of the few providers of Clinic based service providers of ABA therapy in Hampton Roads. Our goal has consistently been simple: Provide quality and competent applied behavioral services using evidenced based practice to help autistic individuals reach their apex of potential.

In Home Therapy

The primary service location of our ABA therapy program is in the client’s home. This is to allow the parent/guardian to parent/guardian the opportunity to engage and observe the therapy session in the most familiar and typical environment for the child. PSCA staff are expected to display the utmost professionalism while in the client’s home. Consequently, in order to perform our job correctly, we must require that our staff are provided a safe, supportive, and comfortable workspace in the client’s home so that they can properly perform their duties without distraction to the best of their ability.

Center Based Therapy

A secondary service location of our ABA therapy program is the PSCA “Kenny Mac” Hampton Center. Any PSCA client receiving services at the Hampton Center will be required to also enroll in the Daisy Care Childcare program as well. Our Center Based Program allows for the generalization of skills using Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and peer modeling, as the PSCA clients are able to mainstream with their neurotypical peers. Space in our Center Based Program is very limited, and scholarship opportunities are reviewed on an individual basis as well. Center Based treatment may not be the best fit for all families, so we encourage parents to weight their options and determine what program route is best for their child.

What is ABA Therapy

Whether you are a concerned parent, sibling, friend, teacher, or any other support for an individual diagnosed with Autism, you know the challenges that are faced with obtaining help! Individuals with autism are often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. ABA therapy is a treatment approach using evidence based practices based around positive reinforcement. Basically, ABA aims to figure out what environmental factor motivates someone and manipulates that factor to achieve the desired behavior.

How We Can Help

PSCA staff uses a team approach to apply ABA therapy to the treatment of children and adolescents on various levels of the spectrum. We are committed to providing compassionate, competent, and creative approaches to help treat the individuals we serve. We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions or a one size fits all approach. Each treatment plan is custom to the individual. We are a small, family oriented company that believes that each individual is more than just a name and number.


Contact your child’s doctor (Psychiatrist or Pediatrician) for a referral.

Call us to set up an assessment or to recieve more info.

Meet your new therapist and begin receiving services shortly thereafter.